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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  January 4, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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another white house crasher revealed. an investigation uncovers another person who made it into the state dinner without an invitation. we'll have the details straight ahead. new information coming in on a breaking story out of las vegas. the shooting of two federal employees at a courthouse. word in that a security officer has died. we'll get an update on the scene. guns and nba. one sports start under
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investigation by the league after he and a teammate allegedly pulled guns on each other in the middle of the locker room all over a gambling debt. plus tiger woods as you've never seen him before, a provocative picture on the cover of the new issue of "vanity fair." i'm monica novotny in new york. thanks for joining us on msnbc. developing now a third white house party crasher. the secret service now says there was another person that got into that india state dinner without being on the guest list. the secret service said they made the discover while investing -- there you see them tarek and michaela there on the facebook. what do we know about them? >> not much.
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the secret service has not released name of this gentleman. as i understand, this is somebody who slipped in with the indian state delegation. here is how it happened. that state delegation met at a hotel. they had a rendezvous at the hotel. it was there they are magged and screened by the secret service. this individual was able to slip in with the delegation, went through that screening procedure and then got in a van or a bus with the rest of them and came here to the white house and walked right into the white house as part of the indian state delegation. i'm told by a white house official they have scanned the pictures and records they had from that night. this person never had a picture with the president, does not appear to have met with the president or gone through the receiving line. nevertheless, it's just another embarrassment certainly for the secret service but questions raised at the state department what its procedures are having a guest list vetted. somehow this person was able to slip in with the people from the
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state department. >> are they currently investigating this individual? will we hear more about this or is it case closed right now? >> no, i don't think it's case closed. the reason we don't know as much as we'd like to know is because it's case open. i'm told there is a criminal investigation. what we don't know is what is this gentlewoman's intent. it does not sound to me this is somebody that literally walked off the street and was able to slip in with the indian delegation. nevertheless, this was somebody who was not on the official guest list. however, he did go through the screening procedures. the secret service would point out, this is somebody that was magged. a huge lapse in terms of how it is, the state delegation for these state dinners are screened and procedures have already been changed because of this. >> wow. okay. unexpected headline there. savannah guthrie. thanks for bringing it to us. >> sure. >> breaking news in las vegas where two people are dead following a shoot-out at a federal courthouse. nbc news has learned one of the victims is a 65-year-old court
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officer. has he now died of his wounds. a second officer was shot and is in serious condition at university medical center in las vegas. now, the fbi says the gunman died shortly after the shooting. the multi-story federal building where the shooting occurred houses several courts as well as officers for u.s. senators harry reid and john ensign. dan with our affiliate in las vegas. dan, what exactly happened here? how did this shooting start and why? >> monica, i'll give awe rundown what happened. 8:06 pacific time, the gunman walked into the lloyd george federal building. you see over my shoulder here. right on las vegas boulevard, a mile north of the world famous strip. he walked in, wearing a trench coat as they open doors around 8:00. from what we're told he pulled a shotgun out from under his trench coast and opened fire on two federal officers working the checkpoint. the checkpoint is 20, 25 pete in the front door.
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you only have a few moments before you come up to security and have to put your belongings through the scanner and metal detector. he opened fire and hit the officers and fled the building. you're looking live at the picture now. to another building, that's where he was shot by officers we believe from that federal courthouse. he was pronounced dead on the scene. both marshals taken to unc. one did pass a few moments ago. one listed in serious condition and is in surgery right now. if you're familiar with las vegas, folks watching around the country, the entire las vegas boulevard for five or six city blocks are closed down right now. we still don't have a motive by the shooting. we're told by metro, the local miss force, they believe the shooter acted alone. that's what we know now. this will be closed. s.w.a.t. teams searching the building. that's all involved. dan ball. back to you in the studio,
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monica. >> thanks for the update. police nabbed a man accused of murdering four family members thanksgiving day. 35-year-old paul merhige. he checked in under a fake name and address. he's charged with killing twin sisters, husband cousin and her grandmother. earlier on msnbc, michaela's dad spoke out about how the family's relief is bittersweet. >> it doesn't bring her back, so we can't jump for joy. but we do have a sense of i've been in protective mode for my family while the monster was on the loose. at least now, you know, i'm able to go to sleep for a few hours each night. >> so sad. cammie clark covering the story for "the miami herald." she joins us by phone. cammie, this man's arrest when you read about it is like
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something out of a movie. the motel owner where the guy was staying actually recognized his picture on the tv. >> he saw it before it aired. they were doing previews before it aired. during the previews is when he saw it. they ended up having the whole situation put together, had police and law enforcement from different areas come down. they had a complete description of what the hotel looked like. while the show was actually being aired is when they actually caught him. so it actually happened all before the show even aired. >> incredible. they managed to arrest him. they were very careful obviously. the report said he had a weapon. they were careful as they surrounded the motel. they cleared out the rooms but got to him and managed to get him without any incident. but do we know anymore? i know they are piecing this all together still. it appears there's some history of trouble in the family, some relationship issues within the family. then it sounds like the man himself had some issues.
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>> yeah. from what i understand, he previous problems with sisters who put a restraining order out on him at some appoint. in the keys he acted very strangely because he never went out of his room. the key, a beautiful placeh a spectacular view of the bay and he never left his room. the only thing he left it for was to get laundry soap and some coins so he could do his laundry. he's very compulsive about doing his laundry. he never seemed to go out. i've been tracking every single place within a ten-mile radius and nobody has seen him. he didn't go out to the restaurant. he didn't go out and get any food. he must have stocked up well before he got there. >> well, thank goodness they got him. camy clark, thanks for reporting. >> no problem. >> developing now planes not able to take off from reagan international airport. this is because of a power outage. they lost power after 12:00 noon. part of the airport is running on back-up generators. that's the good news.
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transportation security administration says it's still screening passengers. we do have a picture to share with you sent by the viewer there of the lines. the problem is not with the airport but a feeder line from the local power provider. we'll bring you more on this as soon as we get more information. new this hour in response to the failed bombing of a u.s. jetliner, counter-terror officials have moved the names of dozens of people onto the terror watch list and no-fly list after reviewing the suspected list. farouk abdulmutallab was not enough information to be on the list. the transportation security administration says all international flyers will be subject to random enhanced screening which may include body scanning. in addition those flying from or through nigeria, pakistan,
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yemen, will be subject to full body patdowns and bag searches. winter is making itself felt as full force across the nation today. indiana lake-effect snow made for whiteout conditions on the roads. parts of the country experiencing record low temperatures. you might not be able to tell from some of these pictures, it is bitterly cold, blustery winds aren't helping residents either. in minneapolis, it's cold. not quite record breaking cold. janell is live in minneapolis. janell, years ago i was in minneapolis. it was about 20 below with the windchill. i remember stepping outside and it felt like there were icicles in my lungs. what's it like. >> pretty much brutal. throughout the midwest very, very cold. international falls, minnesota, which bills itself as the ice box of the nation, negative 37, setting a new record that was last set in 1979.
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that gives you an idea of how cold it is here in minnesota. this is not confined to the midwest. cold temperatures hitting much of the nation. freeze warnings throughout the state of florida where producers are keeping a very close eye on produce, on some of the citrus fruits threatened by cold temperatures. even into the everglades snow forecasted for alabama, georgia. as we saw yesterday in buffalo and syracuse, new york. there is definitely a cold trend throughout much of the nation. the worst news is, this is not going to end here today. forecasts now call for temperatures to get much colder toward the end of the week. so we are in this for the long hall. >> except for that steam coming out of your mouth, you're making it look like a warm, sunny day out there, janell. good luck. thank you. >> thanks. >> the obama administration now focusing on yemen as a hotbed for terrorist activity. our terror experts look at what the u.s. should do to thwart the threat in this arab nation. plus with security a top
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internet and planning terror attacks inside pakistan and in court under heavy guard in islamabad. the men denied the charges saying they only traveled from their homes in washington, d.c. to pakistan to help helpless muslims. the court ordered all five to remain in custody. another hearing set for january 18th. secretary of state hillary clinton says the u.s. embassy in
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yemen will remain closed until conditions perm. it's one of three western embassies shuttered in the past two days amid increased al qaeda threat. they ramp up on terror strongholds killing two suspected al qaeda militants. more evidence of the escalating battle in that arab state. >> the instability in yemen is a threat to regional stability and even global stability. we know that this is a difficult set of challenges but they have to be addressed. >> let's bring in nbc news terrorism analyst evan coleman and msnbc analyst and retired general barry mccaffrey. great to have you both. general, i'll start with you. in sunday's "washington post" there's this lengthy report about how al qaeda has done well in yemen because for the last decade there have been missteps and mistakes by the governments. seems we took our eye off the ball. do we have a strong, trustworthy
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government going forward? >> of course not. yemen has been screwed up for 15 years. it's just had a huge civil war put partly to rest. shiite up rising in the north, successionist south, tribal warfare, saudis trying to defend. they have had a bunch killed fighting rebels. this is a corrupt, incompetent governor and become an arabian peninsula, which represents a threat to u.s. and international interest. >> secretary clinton said u.s. and allies will make it clear to the yemeni government going forward there are expectations and conditions that they have got to meet if they want to continue to get the support from the west. but really we need each other, right? we can't just walk away from this. >> no. it's a partnership that has to evolve. part of the problem is we've been relying on the yemenis for a decade to try to provide us
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information and access to various different places and people in yemen. in some cases we've gotten responses, in other cases we haven't. i think if you look at the investigation of the 2000 bombing of the uss cole, there's a lot of areas where yemenis could have been more helpful to us and simply decided not to. among other things, the president of yemen went on tv and said it wasn't the work of al qaeda but the bombing was the work of the cia and mass ad. can we get a reaction, is going to be dumping money into a government increasingly seeing no signs of progress or can we put in some money, diplomatic effort and maybe pressure here and there. >> it seems they are very proactive for now. we'll see if that's the case. general, my question to you. how do we combat this particular branch of al qaeda in yemen, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula as they call themselves.
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they seem to be specializing in these small attacks. they are hard to trace. they are hard to stop. >> evan, by the way, summarized it very nicely. it's going to be very difficult to do much significant here. general petraeus just there as we know, we're going to double military aid to $140 million a year. we're training a so-called, you know, national police s.w.a.t. team. i'm sure we have trainers on the ground. the saudis are active. the biggest defense will be if you're yemeni or fly through yemen or have yemeni friends, we're going to have to watch the intelligence base. 500,000 names on the so-called suspect list on a given day couldn't be 1,000 flying, everyone needs secondary screening. >> uh-huh. evan, let me ask you, i know you were talking about secondary screening earlier. as far as new airport security procedures, you know, i think one of the points you were making earlier was that this is about more than just patdowns. that is one part of it but we
2:21 pm
really need to start with the intelligence, as general mccaffrey was pointing out. >> that's the last line of defense. if it gets to that point, we have a serious problem there. we should be stopping these people long before they ever become a threat to an airport or airplane, long before a patdown becomes necessary, long before a random screening become necessary what we're seeing here are signs of individuals who should have come to the attention of u.s. intelligence and law enforcement. whether it's in the case of yemen, abdulmutallab, ft. hood, these are not individuals who should have been outside of the radar screen. they were in contact with known extremist leaders. they were going into countries which are known bases for al qaeda activity. they were assuming rolls or person, as that should have screamed potential terrorist to anyone that looked at this. these are questions that are going to have to be seriously asked by not just congress but the executive branch here. there were failures that were made. it's not an issue about searching people at airports.
2:22 pm
it's about knowing a terrorist long before they ever get near their target. once somebody is in an airport with a bomb is too late at that point. >> i absolutely agree. >> it does appear those questions are asked in washington. evan coleman, general mccaffrey, gentlemen, this conversation will tip. thanks for your time today. gilbert arenas meets to answer questions that he and a teammate pulled guns on each ear in the locker room. more on this story after the break. stay with us. for all the moments that make every day special.
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2:26 pm
a fellow teammate. darren ravel joins us with more. what exactly happened here. he admits to having weapons at the center. do we know anything more about the altercation? >> monica, the answer is no. what we do know is the three guns were there. he left a note saying pick one, which was in reference to javaris crittenton, his teammate saying jokingly he was going to shoot him. we know there were three unloaded handguns. we don't know if something was actually held or pulled, or anything like that, whether it was a joke or not. we also don't know whether those guns are registered in washington, d.c. where the arena is or if it's registered somewhere else, which is obviously going to be a key point in all this. to say nothing of the nba, which has rules, of course, that prohibit bringing guns into the workplace. gilbert arenas is certainly in trouble. who knows what's going to happen to the rest of his $111 million
2:27 pm
contract. he's in the middle of that right now. this is not a joking situation. >> there is any comment reit now from the nba? >> they are going to wait until law enforcement takes care of this or at least has the next step. what's interesting is gilbert arenas yesterday had 53 tweets about this. in the last 15 hours he's been silent. so obviously someone has gotten to him or he's decided it's probably a better situation for him not to comment any further. but this is one of the league's most marketable stars. not only is it a bad situation for him but obviously the league as well. >> how strict is the league generally darren. is he able to say, hey, we were just kidding around, it's a joke. it's hard to understand why he would have weapons there in the first place. if he can pass it off as something lighthearted and the teammate corroborates his story, would the league overlook it.
2:28 pm
>> people are speculating but they know nba david stern will not look lightly at this. this is something that goes against the brand of the league and a major negative of we've had massive suspensions in the past. people are throwing out not only would they see a year suspension in bounds here but some saying they could see him possibly saying get out of here forever. obviously the players' union would have something to say about that, whether the negation of a contractor or throwing him out, they would stand up for him there. >> darren rovell, thank you for that. >> a new biography claims warren beatty slept with 13,000 women. he agreed to list his conquests in "star. he based the figure on what he calls simple arithmetic. not sure how he gets the math. an attorney for beatty says the
2:29 pm
book is not an authorized biography and shouldn't be considered one. when we return, banks bombarding customers with new fees to rake in cash. we'll tell you how to protect your wallet. new rules at airports take affect for passengers of 13 terrorist prone countries. we'll tell you how it will affect your travel next. based only on the label,
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only alka-seltzer relieves your upset stomach, heartburn, indigestion and headache... so you're good to go in the morning. you're late. alka-seltzer brings you back. we've got more for you on that breaking news out of las vegas. one security guard is dead, another injured. the alleged shooter also dead. this following a deadly gunbattle at a federal courthouse as shots rang out, this video was captured by a cell phone camera. someone was a few blocks away. they quickly posted it on youtube. take a look. >> unbelievable. >> listen to all those shots fired. one reporter nearby said they
2:33 pm
actually heard as much as 20 shots fired this. happened at 8:00 in the morning local time. police say the suspect just walked into the building and opened fire. kristen flowers of kntv radio news las vegas joins me on the phone. let me ask you, we've been reporting one security guard died of the injuries. do we know about the second security guard, the status. >> he's a deputy u.s. marshall. he's at the university medical center. they have his condition as serious. he had injuries to his head and his hand. again, the 65-year-old court officers has passed away. >> we just listened to the video. it's shocking. you hear the shots fired one after another. >> unbelievable. >> do we know anything more about the shooter or the motive here. >> you know, we don't know anything about that. i think that's what people are really clamoring for is how did this all begin, how did it start. why did he do what he did. we're still waiting for the fbi
2:34 pm
to confirm that. looks like he walked into the courthouse around 8:00 our time and started opening fire. at that point the gunfire was exchanged. the body of the suspect was found outside of the courthouse. >> wow. do we know, was the courthouse open for business at 8:00, 9:00? do we know how many were there in the vicinity? >> it was very small amount of people inside the building. they did evacuate the building. as we were watching it we had reporters at the scene. there wasn't as many people as there could have been later in the day. >> absolutely. right. thanks for sharing your reporting. keep us posted. >> absolutely. thank you. >> the secret service investigating an effigy of president obama found hanging from a building in georgia. someone hung the doll in front of a sign proclaiming the town of plains as the home of former president jimmy carter. while the effigy was removed many residents in the city of 600 people say they fear the act could give the city a bad name,
2:35 pm
could hurt tourism. beginning today all flyers traveling into the country will face increased random screening. those flying from or through nations considered high-risk, including nenlgerria, pakistan, yemen, will be subject to tougher measures like full body patdowns. tom costello joins us now. this begs the question, you hear about the nations on the list. we know these folks trying to do bad things ar mobile bumpbl. won't they just fly through a different country? >> that's certainly a possibility. the other issue, of course, you're looking at what passports do individuals hold? if they hold passports from afghanistan, nigeria, iraq, cuba, saudi arabia, yemen, they would be subject to these more expensive secondary screens, patdowns and swapping their carry-on luggage for any type of
2:36 pm
explosive residue. this is all part of this enhanced effort to do something to address what they believe is a very serious security issue in the wake of the christmas day attempted bombing of that northwest flight. >> and tom, let me also ask you, i'm sure you've heard about new york senator chuck schumer says the airlines should threaten not to fly into countries with airports that have lax screening standards. is that a real possibility? >> listen, i think the airlines are also concerned about this. it is in their interest to have secure airports and make sure everybody who gets on board a plane has been properly screened. the tsa has a pretty good working relationship with most countries that already have direct flights to the united states. there have been concerns about specific countries in africa, for example, nigeria, that didn't have or don't have as good and robust a screening apparatus as you would have the in the european union.
2:37 pm
that is going to have to be more of an issue that the tsa addresses one or one unilaterally with the countries trying to improve security at the disembarkment point. in the case of africa, keep in mind many of those flights travel through europe and on over to america. so you do have the possibility of a secondary screening in transit there in europe and amsterdam, brussels, frankfurt, paris to name just a few. >> thank you, tom, as always. a city funded guide book intended to help heroin addicts use the drug safely. take a look. the pamphlet entitled "take charge, take care" offers tips on how to avoid an overdose as well as how to prepare and inject drugs. a top drug enforcement official calls the guide a step by step instruction on how to inject a poison. the city's department of health and mental hygiene printed the
2:38 pm
copies. the goal is to promote health and save lives. not the last we'll hear of that. houston swears in the new mayor making the city the largest to be led by an openly gay politician. 53-year-old mary parker opted out of an invitation only gala and instead hosted a free outdoor concert. she said not only does she want the whole city to be able to celebrate she said open air concert includes her pledge of transparency. new fees from credit card issuers. a government crackdown on soaring fees goes into effect. so the banks are coming up with more creative ways to recoup losses. i'm joined by consumer advocate. what are some of the new fees. people need to be on the watch for this. hard to believe but they are coming. >> first of all, congress is banning some of the worst fees. you won't be charged a late fee on your current balance unless you're 60 days late. banks won't be able to trick you
2:39 pm
into being late the way they have before with the incredible creeping due date. when your bill is mailed on the 15th, due on the 30th, all of a sudden mailed on the 15th, due on the 20th. so that kind of thing will be stopped as of mid february. what banks are trying to do is figure out ways to gouge consumers. we expect annual fees on credit cards. we expect fewer awards, and we expect interest rates may go up a little bit. but overall consumers will benefit, because banks have been allowed under the bush administration to trick people into paying more fees. congress is saying no more trickery, no more gotcha fees. >> still when you say people will benefit in the end, if we're getting nickelled and diamond for dollar charges just for them printing out the form, account statement and send it to us, we're not winning. all of a sudden an annual fee on a card we didn't have.
2:40 pm
>> people are going to have to choose cards that don't have annual fees, get a new card. >> they have to notify you. whatever fees put in place, they have to notify you. they have got to notify you, so you've got to check the mail and read through everything because you're going to find it there in fine print. >> that's exactly right. we don't like this fee for getting a bill in the mail. your consumer rights are not protected when you don't get a bill in the mail. you don't have as many rights with a computer bill as you do with a paper bill. you don't have as many rights with a debit card as do you with a credit card. congress looking to crack down on overdraft fees on debit cards even the federal reserve cracking down on those. the real solution we're looking at is to create a new independent consumer financial protection agency. that's the big fight in congress this year. >> what about for people at home who are dealing with this right now who just can't afford one more fee. are they forced then to start looking around, shopping around to different banks, maybe smaller local banks?
2:41 pm
>> i don't think every bank is going to have a new fee. if you pay your credit card bill on time as early in the month as youk you'll avoid interest and gotcha fees. if your credit card companies starts imposing a new fee you've never heard about, get a new credit card company. that's the real message i have for consumers. don't take it. >> thank you, ed. >> thank you. >> what's been billed as one of the most expensive movies ever has now officially become one of the most successful avatar, opened by james cameron a few weeks ago grossing over a billion dollars worldwide. last week took in $68 million in the united states. that's the biggest ever domestic take for the third weekend. avatar on track to make $450 million domestically, $20 more than it cost to make and market. are americans willing to lose some of their privacy to be safer? we'll debate the use of full body scanners coming up. we'll tell you why spanking your kids, some are saying it
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we've got an update for you now on this developing situation we've been following at reagan national airport. the power was out. it has now been restored. the terminal lost power past noon, part of the airport on back-up generators, arriving flights kept from landing. with the power back the airport hopes to get things back to normal shortly. the tsa did continue to screen passengers, so hope fully flights will be heading out. jim demint defending his choice of blocking the president from the nomination. he says southers will not give his position on collective bargaining right. >> i want a few hours of debate with southers to help the nation focus on security and get union politics out of our security
2:46 pm
apparatus. >> harry reid scheduled a formal raleigh roll call. in the wake of the failed bombing on christmas day, heightened screens. those flying from or through nations considered high-risk including nigeria, pakistan and yemen will undergo full body patdowns and baggage searches. is this just another way to p profi profile. joining me now a lawyer for the american civil liberties union and james from the heritage foundation. i'll start with you. let me ask you, what do you think of the body scanners and this notion they are an invasion of privacy. >> they are clearly not. the law is clear, less expectation of privacy going through a government checkpoint leaving the country, coming in the country. lots of case law on this. privacy groups, libertarian groups brought into the process
2:47 pm
for developing protocols for how the machines are used. i don't think that's the question. the right question is where do you use them, how widely do you prolifera proliferate. that's terms for a lively debate. >> when you say where, do you mean do we use them in all airports domestically or internationally? >> using them in every airport is a nutty idea. they are great for secondary screening. secondary screening is very invasive. you have to pat somebody down. if you wanted to find the detroit bomber, you'd have to put your hand up his crotch. that's it. this is not nearly as invasive as a patdown, patting down women, different cultures, that's a superior answer to that. using it primary screening, domestic and foreign, i'm not sure that's a smart idea. >> as secondary, you're okay with it. mike from aclu, what are your thoughts? james points out this is better and less invasive than a
2:48 pm
patdown. >> i didn't hear most of the conversation, so if we're talking about the body screeners. >> the body scanners. we're talking about them. james making the point that as a secondary screening method, he thinks they are a good option. in terms of the privacy issue he points out certainly a lot of people would consider this better than a full body patdown. >> right. one of the things we have to remember is our liberties and privacy are hard won. once we give them up, it's very hard to get them back. so when we're talking about a new type technology, particularly one as invasive as this one, we have to make sure first it's effective. this particular technology for the current threat doesn't meet that first test. >> we're talking about taking public transportation. it's a public environment getting on the airplane, you're shut in, surrounded by people and we know that it is dangerous. so there are a lot of people who
2:49 pm
would argue you have to give up privacy if you wanted to travel safely. >> if you were making that argument and wanting people to give up privacy, you would want something in return. it does not address the concern of today, the use of plastic explosives in areas where this machine would not see them that's really the issue, whether the machine could solve the problem, the methodologies the terrorists are using. >> james, how do you respond? >> i pretty much disagree. these technologies are more effective than a patdown, more effective than that. they have been proven, widely tested. there are things they can't do. for example, if you carry them inside the body, anal calf it or swallow them like a mule
2:50 pm
of course we know the methodology on christmas was powders, liquids and thin plastic. >> the tsa came out and said as far as the technology on the machines so far it's just not good enough. they break down too easily and too expensive to maintain them. while that may be technology for the future, for now don't we need something in a timely manner. >> the point is very small amounts. the amount of explosives this guy had on his body sewn into his underwear the machine would
2:51 pm
have seen that. >> that's not true. >> this person wasn't flagged to go to secondary screening where a patdown or machine would have found him out. >> he should have been found long before he got to the airport. >> i agree. >> we'll end on agreement, that little bit, we'll take it. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> new frustration for parents with children of autism as a new study debunks special treatment. special diets, according to the study, are not the answer. that's the finding from the new report, from the journal of pediatrics. there's no solid evidence that digestive problems are more common in children with autism and any digestive problems should be treated medically. scientists release add study suggesting children up to six years old -- this is surprising, they say children up to six that were spanked turn out to be happier and more successful than children never hit by parents. researchers were careful not to endorse spanking. the study led authors to call it
2:52 pm
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2:55 pm
ever since the tiger woods sex scandal broke we haven't seen much of the golf superstar at all, but there's plenty of tiger to see on the new "vanity fair" cover. this shot of a buff woods almost in the buff shots by annie leibovitz back in 2006 long before news of his extramarital affairs erupted. don't look for tiger to get anything off his chest, called tiger in the rough. how he kept his sexcap, ades a secret so long. why are we seeing this now? >> other than why "vanity fair" would like to cash in on this as
2:56 pm
would annie leibovitz. "vanity fair" confirmed with me you've never seen this in "vanity fair." whether annie leibovitz did she hasn't gotten back to me. as you alluded to, the acompanying article doesn't have admissions. he hasn't been seen since this happened. this was fast footwork on the part of the magazine trying to get something to press in time for the february issue. this is a monthly magazine so they had to go to press basically right after the accident. >> anything new we're learning from the article? >> only thing i can tell, and i've read it quickly, not so much. there was a statement in here 2001 there was a gq journalist who did interview tiger woods and it revealed a side of him not yet trained, a publicity train wreck, where he was telling inappropriate jokes and the like. i can attest that was something
2:57 pm
people knew about behind the scenes if you covered golf. you knew tiger was a young kid who didn't have a lot of polish back then. after that, people stepped in and made sure he was handled better. when he did press kmpbs it was with the utmost control afterwards. i do think it's interesting, monica, a good portion of the piece likens tiger woods to george clooney's role of "up in the air" a role known for floating through life and not settling down. >> not a comparison we would have made a few weeks back. >> onnot so much. you have sources telling about the possibility, however minute, about a reconciliation. >> definitely. they haven't ruled this out. there's no paperwork that's been filed. the best case scenario would be that they do end up remaining married. it seems unfathomable with so many people with tiger's -- even half the allegations of the
2:58 pm
women tiger was with that elin didn't know. the truth of the matter is she was surprised doing the best she can surrounding herself with friends and family. i'm told they would like to work it out if possible. >> thanks for the scoop on msnbc. that wraps up this hour. i'm monica novotny. tamron hall and david shuster pick things up next. the secret service saying there's another person that crashed the white house dinner. more details on the developing story in the next hour. stick around. e printing! i'm amanda. tom. james. nice job on the brochures and letterhead. louis, keep up the good work with our shipments. it's -- it's peter. great job, everybody! that's a closet. you know what, guys? take the afternoon off! we can't. that is why i hired you. world's proudest boss. [ male announcer ] we understand. you can never have too much help. fedex office.
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